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Mermaid Safety

Practice, be safe, have fun

Congratulations on your recent purchase and welcome to mermaiding!

We have two types of swimming fins and tails, so you have either purchased our Atlantis Prime Fin and tail fitting UK Adult feet 6-14, or the Global Magic Fin and tail fitting UK feet Junior 11-Adult 6.

Mermaid tails

Please note the tails are made to fit the fins they are sold with.  For your own safety, we strongly recommend that you only use them as illustrated below and not in other tails.  Ensure you have purchased the correct size for your frame and feet.


Safety First

These rules are designed to keep you safe so please ensure you follow them.  Tails and Fins are for strong swimmers and intended for recreational swimming activities.


  • Ensure you are a strong swimmer
  • Ensure you swim in depths suitable for your ability
  • Practice swimming in your fin before wearing the fabric tail
  • Pop on your tail and fin at the water’s edge
  • We recommend you put the fin inside the tail and roll the tail down until you expose the sock pockets of the fin.  Then place both feet inside the pockets and roll up the tail
  • Do not stand up in the tail
  • Do not jump with the tail and fin on
  • Do not rub the tail or fin against ANY rough surfaces – this includes pool base and sides, rough rocks etc.
  • Always swim with other adults in areas that have calm waters
  • Remember to take adequate breaths between swimming under water
  • Remember you will be the centre of attention and we would like you to share our swimming rules with all other mer-people you meet
  • Stay safe and follow the rules
  • Use the garment label inside the product to understand how to keep your tail at its best

Quick Release Method

If you need a ‘quick release’ from either your Atlantis Fin or Magic Fin then simply remove one foot from the sock pocket and then the other.  (A bit like taking your trainers off without using your hands – with your released foot, push down on the other heel).  Now just lower the fabric tail and wiggle free to become human again. 

If you require any further information, please visit our safety pages at or call us on 01234 352488


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